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FC Carbon

FC Carbon
is the worldwide leader in the 'Recycling' of Carbon Fiber and in the 'Production' of Recycled Carbon Fiber products, using its own 100% Green New Technologies and without weakening the fiber as the other obsolete recycling process do. FC Carbon has a vast series of products that can match many field of utility such as automotive, aerospace, friction, costruction and many others.

What We Produce

- 100% Recycled Carbon Fiber Fabric
- Homogenous fiber distribution
- The suitable 'Sizing' related to the Thermosetting Resin to be used
- Dry (Without Resin): For RTM Process use:
With the possibility of adding the suitable 'Binder' related to the Preforming Process.
With the possibility of supplying the NWF already cut and preformed, to be suitable for the related Component Production.
- Pre-Preg: for Vacuum Process use:
Impregnated with the suitable Thermosetting Resin requested by the customer for his own application


The peculiarity of FC Carbon is that due to its new technology it can provide taylored services to its customers helping them to study and project new appliances according to their needs. The success of Ferrari Carbon RCF NWF is due to the possibility of producing a 'Fabric' with the following characteristics:
- High quality Recycled Carbon Fiber Fiber
- Homogeneous distribution of the fibers
- Set fiber's direction
- Set fiber's right sizing
- Set non-woven fabric's thickness
- High and Unmatched Mechanical Properties

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Via C. Maraini, 13 - CH-6900 Lugano (Switzerland)